Northern Pixels Marketing Inc. – Mark M.J. Scott

Northern Pixels develops strategies that guide customers to your brand, connecting the digital and physical world for a more emotional and loyal customer experience. 

Demonstrated success driving high growth:

Marketing Pipeline – Imagine marketing programs that drive millions of dollars of revenue through customer acquisition and growth. I have demonstrated experience in delivering revenue at multiple times marketing spending.

Brand Building – Imagine elevating the credibility and awareness of your brand years beyond the current stage of your business. Demonstrated experience developing impactful storytelling through positioning pitch guides, customer advocacy & ROI. Experience establishing powerful co-marketing relationships with global brands to amplify your message and credibility.

Media & PR – Imagine your company being featured in leading media publications. Successful track record obtaining powerful, business impacting editorial coverage from tier-one media publications: New York Times, Discovery Channel, Forbes, Chicago Tribune, LA Times as well as leading vertical business publications.

  • Fun Fact:
  • I developed and executed marketing projects for the Canadian Space Agency, including designing the space “Shuttle Transport System” (STS) Mission Stickers for the RADARSAT and Microgravity Sciences teams. Those mission stickers are still floating in space, aboard the International Space Station.

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Pipeline for your sales team

Demonstrated experience developing new business and expansion pipeline campaigns that deliver Fortune 500 customers and rapid growth.

  • New customer acquisition – Expert at developing and executing targeted Enterprise ARR pipeline strategies that deliver 10X+ program spend, 10X+ LTV closed ramped new business ARR. Performance audited by leading Silicon Valley ARR firm.
  • Expansion pipeline ABM expert – Demonstrated success deploying programs that touch/influence 100% customer expansions, improving deal velocity, size and close ratios.
  • Co-marketing program development with partners and channels. Track record of developing, pitching and securing millions of dollars in funding for co-marketing programs with global brands to meet growth objectives. (Apple, Salesforce, Microsoft, Samsung, AT&T, Panasonic)
  • Marketing systems tech stack deployment to measure and hone marketing spend vs. ROI and constantly improve conversion ratios. Experience with full stack; digital paid/SEO, nurturing, ABM, and performance analytics platforms.

Brand Building

Successfully developed powerful storytelling strategies for new technology companies to establish awareness and credibility with customers, partners and investors.

Creation of a master positioning summary – foundational marketing reference / battle card which becomes the basis of unified storytelling. It includes:

  • Market challenges, and problems solved with the solution
  • Target industries 
  • Buyer/user personas 
  • Competition
  • Key top 3- 5 competitive/ unique differentiators 
  • Business value / benefits (positive business outcomes)

Customer Advocacy

Engaging Fortune 500 brands to participate in advocacy accelerates a new technology brand’s credibility and awareness. Very few new technology brands know how to engage champions and leverage advocates to share their stories. If you get the formula right – it transforms a brand.

Marketing campaign to capture in depth use case videos, featuring users and executives to build greater awareness in the heavy manufacturing industry.

High quality case study videos featuring customers and their experiences with a product elevate a brand and attracts new customers. Capturing advocacy from executives, through end users in the field, builds a compelling story and creates a stronger foundation to for attracting even more advocate customers to share their stories.

Marketing program for new medical device launch captured customer advocacy from thought leaders to rapidly build brand awareness and credibility,

Documenting ROI Case Studies

Established formula for engaging customers to share their ROI experiences with new technology in multiple mediums.

Documenting use cases not only strengthens a new technology brand – the stories inspire existing and new customers to explore untapped ways they can deploy a new technology and experience similar ROI. 

Use cases and advocacy can take many forms: Webinars, Podcasts, Videos, documented case studies, ROI reports, conference speakers…. Some case studies are published publicly, and some are developed for customer champions to communicate the positive business impacts internally across different divisions within an enterprise. 

Fun Fact: In the early days of COVID I committed to learn about the origins of Jazz music specifically the hard bop era. I started a Twitter account to share my experiences learning about jazz, HiFi gear and vinyl records. I have accumulated over 5K followers, including the leading Jazz record labels (Blue Note Records, Craft…). I have also been a guest speaker and reviewer of HiFi gear on one of the most prominent Stereo YouTube review channels. Considering less than 1% of Twitter accounts have 5K+ followers, this demonstrates I even have the knack for marketing my hobbies. You can follow me on Twitter @HiFiSetup

Media & PR

Media exposure that transforms your brand

Successful track record obtaining powerful and business impacting editorial coverage from tier-one media: New York Times, Discovery Channel, Forbes, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, LA Times as well as leading vertical business publications.

Spotlight example: Optosecurity

Optosecurity, (Acquired by Toyota infrastructure corp) was a start-up software / hardware company that developed an optical sensor that bolstered the capability of existing security screening technology. The company was at early stage product development, but needed to grow brand awareness to help support ongoing venture funding and buyer/partner awareness. I developed and launched a media engagement strategy leveraging the unique aspects of the technology and pitched multiple traditional tier-one daily newspapers, vertical security publications and specialized broadcast cable/TV shows. The results secured major international media exposure valued in the millions.

Discovery Channel future Weapons was the number one show on the channel for two years. Successfully engaged with the show producers to pitch Optosecurity – the solution was featured alongside two other technologies in the one-hour episode an audience of millions of viewers globally.

Janes Defence & Security Intelligence is the number one brand in security and military publications. I engaged with the international editor focused on aviation security and after several discussions invited him as a guest to visit the Optosecurity HQ for a full demonstration and meeting with the executive team. The result was a two page feature article on the company and how the innovation could transform the aviation security world. 

I engaged with the NYT writer responsible for aviation and security to pitch Optosecurity technology and how it was expected to transform the industry. I successfully captured a feature of the company as part of a 9/11 NYT story that was exploring new ways technology was improving air travel. The article was published in The New York Times Sunday Edition, of the Labour Day weekend – the day that has the highest readership annually.

Marketing Mentor

You have a motivated, high energy marketing leader; however, you’re looking for professional coaching to help them expand their abilities to accelerate success. I can help.

Marketing strategy and business objectives alignment – Coaching on how to develop a comprehensive strategy that interconnects between internal departmental team leaders and accelerates success. 

Positioning – Feedback and advice on positioning strategies for new technology, including target industries, personas, value propositions, differentiators. 

Brand building / storytelling – Coaching on all aspects of brand building and content strategies. Direction on improving advocacy, documenting customer use cases with ROI – and how advocacy in all its forms becomes a foundation for marketing and sales success.

Sales materials and enablement – Mentoring on how to develop the most impactful kit for your sales, channel partners and establish a functioning enablement strategy. 

Team leadership – Mentoring on how to identify and grow a high-performance marketing team. How to get more value from strategic marketing suppliers.

Marketing KPIs and reporting – How to develop a KPI reporting strategy for CEO’s and BOD’s that clearly communicates progress and challenges and demonstrates a firm handle on resource allocation and clear ROI. 

Marketing pipeline strategies for new business – Coaching and collbaorative brainstorming to improve resource allocation and conversion ratios, including within sales teams to close more accounts each quarter. Digital, events, SEO…

Account Based Marketing (ABM) driving expansion – Constructive feedback on current programs, identify areas of improvement. How to measure and report on ABM campaigns to sales leadership and to executive team and the BOD.

Media & PR – Mentoring on media and PR programs to help accelerate positive media exposure, with the narrative you define.

Marketing Tech Stack – Review and assessment of the current marketing tech stack, advice on solutions, priorities, and phased approach of deployments.