Northern Pixels Marketing Inc.

In today’s digital age, our initial experience with brands through pixels is a crucial guide to our real-world experience. Northern Pixels develops strategies that guide customers to your brand and then connects the digital and physical world for a more emotional and loyal customer experience. 

Three questions for SaaS / Tech executives with high growth objectives:

Is revenue generated from your marketing investment multiple times higher than your spending? Is your brand credibility and awareness well beyond your current revenue stage? Is your whole company, from sales to customer success, communicating the same brand and product value story, ensuring a smooth and confident customer journey?

Here’s why we should talk:

Fuel your business growth: Marketing programs that drive millions of dollars of revenue through new business acquisition and customer expansion. Demonstrated experience in delivering revenue at multiple times marketing budgets.

Brand building: Imagine elevating the credibility and awareness of your brand years beyond the current stage of your business.

  • Effective and impactful storytelling: Leverage customer advocacy and ROI to improve value communication throughout your campaigns and sales teams. Experienced in advocacy programs with global business brands: Shell, Johnson Controls, Purell, OTIS, Halliburton, PG&E…
  • Build powerful co-marketing relationships to amplify your message: Experience developing marketing programs (videos, events, white papers, case studies…) with global tech brands (Apple, Samsung, Panasonic, AT&T…)
  • Media exposure that drives results: Need to build greater brand awareness with business media to bolster your investor and customer confidence? Experienced at driving positive and impactful tier-one media exposure that resulted in international awareness with New York Times, Discovery Channel, LA Times, Forbes and more.
  • Fun Fact:
  • In the late 1990’s I produced design and communications projects for the Canadian Space Agency, including designing space “Shuttle Transport System” (STS) Mission Stickers for the RADARSAT and Microgravity Sciences teams. Those mission stickers are still floating in space, aboard the International Space Station.