Media & PR

Media exposure that transforms your brand

Successful track record obtaining powerful and business impacting editorial coverage from tier-one media: New York Times, Discovery Channel, Forbes, USA Today, Chicago Tribune, LA Times as well as leading vertical business publications.

Spotlight example: Optosecurity

Optosecurity, (Acquired by Toyota infrastructure corp) was a start-up software / hardware company that developed an optical sensor that bolstered the capability of existing security screening technology. The company was at early stage product development, but needed to grow brand awareness to help support ongoing venture funding and buyer/partner awareness. I developed and launched a media engagement strategy leveraging the unique aspects of the technology and pitched multiple traditional tier-one daily newspapers, vertical security publications and specialized broadcast cable/TV shows. The results secured major international media exposure valued in the millions.

Discovery Channel future Weapons was the number one show on the channel for two years. Successfully engaged with the show producers to pitch Optosecurity – the solution was featured alongside two other technologies in the one-hour episode an audience of millions of viewers globally.

Janes Defence & Security Intelligence is the number one brand in security and military publications. I engaged with the international editor focused on aviation security and after several discussions invited him as a guest to visit the Optosecurity HQ for a full demonstration and meeting with the executive team. The result was a two page feature article on the company and how the innovation could transform the aviation security world. 

I engaged with the NYT writer responsible for aviation and security to pitch Optosecurity technology and how it was expected to transform the industry. I successfully captured a feature of the company as part of a 9/11 NYT story that was exploring new ways technology was improving air travel. The article was published in The New York Times Sunday Edition, of the Labour Day weekend – the day that has the highest readership annually.