Brand Building

Successfully developed powerful storytelling strategies for new technology companies to establish awareness and credibility with customers, partners and investors.

Creation of a master positioning summary – foundational marketing reference / battle card which becomes the basis of unified storytelling. It includes:

  • Market challenges, and problems solved with the solution
  • Target industries 
  • Buyer/user personas 
  • Competition
  • Key top 3- 5 competitive/ unique differentiators 
  • Business value / benefits (positive business outcomes)

Customer Advocacy

Engaging Fortune 500 brands to participate in advocacy accelerates a new technology brand’s credibility and awareness. Very few new technology brands know how to engage champions and leverage advocates to share their stories. If you get the formula right – it transforms a brand.

Marketing campaign to capture in depth use case videos, featuring users and executives to build greater awareness in the heavy manufacturing industry.

High quality case study videos featuring customers and their experiences with a product elevate a brand and attracts new customers. Capturing advocacy from executives, through end users in the field, builds a compelling story and creates a stronger foundation to for attracting even more advocate customers to share their stories.

Marketing program for new medical device launch captured customer advocacy from thought leaders to rapidly build brand awareness and credibility,

Documenting ROI Case Studies

Established formula for engaging customers to share their ROI experiences with new technology in multiple mediums.

Documenting use cases not only strengthens a new technology brand – the stories inspire existing and new customers to explore untapped ways they can deploy a new technology and experience similar ROI. 

Use cases and advocacy can take many forms: Webinars, Podcasts, Videos, documented case studies, ROI reports, conference speakers…. Some case studies are published publicly, and some are developed for customer champions to communicate the positive business impacts internally across different divisions within an enterprise. 

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